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Business Management Solution offering Time Tracking, Billing & Expense Reports, Intranet Collaboration, Document Sharing and more.
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Improve your competitive edge with a comprehensive solution for operation, sales, and collaboration. is a dynamic, adaptable solution designed specifically to meet your business needs. The expansive capabilities of RunMyBiz allows you to cut expenses, lost time, and unnecessary business risks while enhancing your efficiency, productivity and operational accuracy. RunMyBiz grants the opportunity to run your business with this one-stop simple, reliable, and cohesive industry solution.™ is a feature-rich tool based on the Software as a service (SaaS) model that takes just few minutes to set up and go live. RunMyBiz’s SaaS solutions allow you to operate your business from any place at anytime through an internet-connected computer.
Use what you need and pay for what you use with RunMyBiz. Experience reduced time and error free expense reports, integrated document management, task management and improved sales by taking advantage of a 30-day free trial with

Time Tracking:'s web based timesheet allows you to track and record employee time – billable and non billable - for every client project and manage the employee details on each project.

Expense Reports: RunMyBiz expense reporting solution helps you enter details of organizational expenses reimbursable or non-reimbursable, and rapidly generate online expense reports. You can evaluate, analyze and track expenses reports and expenses incurred by employees for any project.

Invoices: RunMyBiz time billing software enables you to create invoices, reports and automate billing schedules

Payments: RunMyBiz allows your clients to pay through your choice of payment mode, such as Paypal, or other payment gateways.

Contact Manager: RunMyBiz Contact Manager Software module is a secure and centralized database that allows you to store, manage and access your client, employee and partner company contacts.

Document Management & Sharing: Our integrated document management module helps you to easily create, manage, distribute, store and retrieve documents.

News and Announcements Updates: Efficiently exchange news, ideas and information with your work force, or clients.

Calendar: Online activity calendar manages your tasks, events, contacts, daily meetings and appointments and set reminders to avoid delays.

Task Management: Task management software is a guard against missed deadlines while tracking your tasks, projects and work performed. This flexible time budgeting improves your productivity and profitability, and balances your personal and team workloads.

E-Marketing Capabilities: RunMyBiz E-marketing module accelerates your sales and generates more leads through our sales automation software and web based email marketing solution.

Manage Lists: Allows you to create lists for subscribers, employees, clients and visitors with their email user IDs. Simply send one message to a selected list and it is automatically sent to all the subscribers of the list.

Sales Force Automation: Sales Force Automation (SFA) improves your sales management by automating workflow, delivering real-time information and prioritizing opportunities.

Intranet/Extranet Collaboration Capabilities: Reduces your business complexity, improve management of documents, schedules and tasks with our document management software.

One Stop Shop Solution: A business software solution successfully manages your business and frees you from employing separate, costly software packages for different operations

Global Access: Your business is always at your fingertips with our web based hosted business application, no matter where you are in the world.

Multi-User Support:’s multiple user support feature allows full or limited access for each user, enabling you to track your entire teams’ time on specific projects.

Fully Adaptable Modules: Not every business has identical needs- has developed this software with adaptable modules to suit every businesses demands.

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